14 of the Most Useful Charity Blogs to Follow

14 of the Most Useful Charity Blogs to Follow


For charities and nonprofit organizations, maintaining an active blog can serve as an invaluable tool. The practice of online journaling, which surfaced in the 1990s, helps individuals and groups establish new networks that assist in spreading the influence of their cause, and the digital platform can also generate valuable feedback from people with similar passions. Publishing original content on a regular basis is one of the best ways to increase and sustain search engine relevance, too. In fact, with the recent aid of social media, blogging is now a solidified strategic approach that is both viable and essential to the success of any charitable endeavor.

Of equal importance to writing a blog is reading those published by others in your area of focus. Investing time in reading the ideas and experiences of others can lead to new levels of creativity and help to avoid trying things that have proven ineffective or inefficient. The charity sector, however, is consistently growing, and knowing where to begin and which blogs are worth consistently reading presents a rather daunting task. To get started, consider the following selections, many of which are published in and around England.

charity science logoCharity Science

Charity Science aims to “revolutionize doing good the same way that science revolutionized medicine,” and the Canada-based organization leverages quantitative data to illustrate best practices for running a cost-effective charity campaign. Ultimately, the mission of the group is to save you time.

The Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC)

AMRC focuses on helping organizations reach their charitable, health-related objectives through dedicated data analytics. In addition, the blog features information crucial to regulatory and policy issues that many nonprofits must address in their work.

Irish Charity Lab

Based in Ireland, Irish Charity Lab seeks to share charity-related expertise with readers interested in the basics of nonprofit operations. Blog posts include information on such topics as deploying successful e-mail chains and improving inbound marketing efforts.

Just Giving

The team at Just Giving carries out regular research and development to gather and organize intel for charities that are seeking to improve their operations based on empirical data.  Some of this information includes how to more effectively utilize social media.


The Bloomerang blog comprises hundreds of posts with valuable data illustrating which techniques are better in certain situations and depending, as always, on the goals of the organization. Readers of this publication will gain insight on how to boost donor retention and increase the overall usability of their website and strategy.

Superkids Charity

An international initiative, Superkids Charity aims to help children around the world facing a variety of challenges. Blog posts on this site cover topics ranging from adoption to special needs, and allow followers to see how the organization approaches these issues.

The King’s Fund

An organization based in England, The King’s Fund focuses on health care, and its blog offers a valuable template for how to approach social issues in general. The ideas presented in the group’s articles demonstrate ways to innovate and then act on those new ideas.

Donor Dreams Blog

Readers of this blog can sign up for regular e-mails detailing the latest insights on how to amplify sustainable donations. The author of Donor Dreams holds more than 15 years of experience in designing donor-centered approaches to funding charitable initiatives.

Give Well

The Give Well blogging staff publishes frequently about charities that have found successful formulas. Where many charity analysts focus solely on financial performance, the Give Well blog shows how organizations are gaining real results with each dollar.

thirdsectorlogoThird Sector

Another UK-based outlet, the Third Sector blog has garnered the readership of many of the top business professionals in the country. Third Sector offers a peek at what causes have inspired charitable thinkers to action in other parts of the world and the ways in which they have addressed key issues.

101 Fundraising

101 Fundraising takes a crowd blog approach by featuring the writing of multiple contributing authors. The platform also operates on a volunteer basis to create a valuable fundraising resource, free of cost.

Simply, Improvement

Led by founder Ian Seath, the Simply, Improvement blog offers a wide range of methodologies to charities and nonprofits that assist with bettering process, performance, and projects. Mr. Seath has leveraged his background in both the public and private sectors to help more than 200 groups work toward their goals.

Getting Attention!

Written by Nancy Schwartz, the Getting Attention! blog aims to help nonprofit organizations with their marketing campaigns. Schwartz is known for her casual prose that allows readers to glean insight without having to wrestle with technical jargon.

America’s Charities

One more useful site is America’s Charities, which helps individuals and businesses connect with the nonprofit sector and identify causes and projects that align with their interests. The website features a News and Blog section, where readers can explore current events and developments in a wide range of charity endeavors.


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