7 Apps People Can Use to Give to Charity without Spending Money

7 Apps People Can Use to Give to Charity without Spending Money


For many people, the thought of donating to charity comes with some apprehension. Choosing the right charity can involve a lot of legwork, and finding the time for research can prove difficult. Some people might give more frequently if the process was simplified. Luckily, several charity-focused apps have made it much easier to support a particular cause, and more apps are becoming available each month. Even better, many of these apps require no financial donation from the user at all. Instead, they leverage partnerships with other organizations to provide the donation. Some of the best apps for giving that require no money from users include:


  1. Charity Miles

charitymilesPeople who enjoy being active can use Charity Miles as motivation to run, walk, and bike more often. This app was one of the first of its kind and has grown quite popular over the years. Charity Mile logs the distance the user runs, walks, or bikes, and then has corporations donate on the user’s behalf, based on that amount. More than two dozen specific charities are linked to the app, so users can choose exactly where the money goes. This option is particularly good for people who are already active, since it does not require any money or credit cards. People can use something they already do to create positive change.


  1. Donate a Photo

donateaphotoSponsored by Johnson & Johnson, Donate a Photo allows people to raise money for a charitable cause by taking pictures on their phone. Through the app, people send photos directly to Johnson & Johnson, and the company in turn donates $1 to a charitable cause. Several different charities have partnered with the app, and users get to decide which organization gets the dollar. Of course, there is a limitation: users can only send one photo each day through the app. Still, each user has the potential to raise $365 for an organization over the course of a year.


  1. Tinbox

tinboxThe idea behind Tinbox is that people should be able to support a specific initiative at a charitable organization, rather than donating only to the general fund. Each day, users can log on to Tinbox, sort through the various projects that need support, and choose the one that speaks to them. Then, through the generosity of corporate sponsors, the app donates a dollar to that particular project. The only catch with the app is that users can only choose one project each day to support. However, the whole process of launching the app and choosing an initiative is designed to take just 20 seconds, so it’s a practically effortless way to give.


  1. ShareTheMeal

sharethemealCreated through the United Nations World Food Programme, ShareTheMeal enables people to fight global hunger every time they sit down for a meal. Simply tapping on the app to open it triggers a 50-cent donation that comes from grants and partner companies. While this donation may seem small, it is actually enough to cover the cost of food for one child for an entire day. Using the app regularly can ensure that hundreds of people around the world get better access to food. Individuals can learn more about the app on the ShareTheMeal website, which features a great video about the project and its impact.


  1. Fotition

fotitionSimilar to Donate a Photo, Fotition allows people to raise money for various causes by snapping photos with their phones. However, Fotition presents users with an array of challenges linked to various causes. For example, in one campaign, Marvel Studios agreed to donate $5 to Save the Children for each person who sent in a photo using one of its special filters. The funds for the donations come from the sponsoring companies, while the photos are meant to generate awareness of important issues and help brands promote themselves. There’s no limit on the number of photos users can share through the app.


  1. Check-in For Good

checkinforgoodBusinesses partner with Check-in For Good and then make donations to charity based on how many people check in at their establishment through the app. The app is an easy way to get businesses more engaged philanthropically, although it may be difficult for users to find participating companies in some locations. In addition, users do not control how the money from their check-in is donated. Still, it takes only seconds to check in, so this can be an easy way to drive charitable donations, especially for users who live in areas with participating businesses they already visit every day.


  1. Blood Donor

americanredcrossPeople may not necessarily think of donating blood as a form of philanthropy, but each donation can save up to three people’s lives. Furthermore, donating blood costs no money. To make donation even simpler, the American Red Cross made an app called Blood Donor, which streamlines the appointment booking process. In addition, the app has a great deal of information about the benefits of blood donation, which can motivate people to make time in their busy schedules. The app automatically stores key information, such has blood type and donation history, as well.


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