9 Apps that Can Help People Get Philanthropically Engaged Today

9 Apps that Can Help People Get Philanthropically Engaged Today


Modern technology is redefining the ways in which we give. From wearable devices that enable charitable giving to one-click donations, it is easier than ever to get involved with philanthropy. Today, there are a number of excellent apps that help people support their favorite causes. People who want an easy, fun way to make a difference should download any of the following apps:

  1. Charity Miles

charitymilesappThis app gives users the opportunity to benefit people in need without using any money from their personal bank accounts. Charity Miles enables users to support their favorite charities simply by exercising. Once you download the app, you can research the various supported charities, choose one, and then simply push start. Then, the app tracks how far you run or bike. Walkers and runners earn 25 cents per mile for the charity they’ve chosen, while bikers earn 10 cents per mile. You can download Charity Miles for free on iOS and Android devices.

  1. Instead

The Instead app teaches people that they can change the world with mere dollars at a time. Too often, people think that they need millions to effect real change, but this is simply not true. Instead helps people examine their everyday purchases and see how a dollar here and there could have a huge impact elsewhere. For example, instead of purchasing coffee, those dollars could help a child in South Sudan have access to clean water for an entire year. When people choose not to purchase the coffee, they can instead donate those few dollars directly through the app. Throughout the year, the app tracks donations, as they are tax deductible.

  1. One Today

one today appA unique app made by Google, One Today helps people make a real difference through affordable micro-donations. Each day, the app presents users with a new nonprofit organization. After reading about the organization and what it hopes to accomplish, you can choose to donate $1 to it through the app. The featured nonprofits are incredibly diverse and focus on everything from protecting coral reefs to funding surgical procedures for children. Through the app, people can share their new causes with their social networks and even see which nonprofits their friends have supported.

  1. Check-in for Good

Similar to Foursquare, Check-in for Good puts a philanthropic twist on the check-in function. The app uses your smartphone’s geolocation abilities to connect businesses, causes, and charity-minded individuals. When users visit a participating business or event and check in, the action triggers a direct donation from that business to a cause. Furthermore, users often receive promotional offers from the business to entice them to return in the future, so it really is a win-win situation. Organizations can set up a cause page for free, so it’s also a great app for people in the philanthropy field.

  1. Donate a Photo

donateaphotoappA simple app created by Johnson & Johnson, Donate a Photo gives $1 to a cause chosen by the user for each photograph uploaded to the app. Some featured causes include Save the Children, Girl Up, and Operation Smile. While individuals can only share one photo each day, they can see how much they have helped an organization toward a specific goal and receive notifications when those goals are reached. Once a goal is reached, a new cause is added to the app.

  1. Budge

The Budge app lets friends and family members create challenges with each other. Whoever loses the challenge ends up paying the agreed-upon donation to a specific charity. People can use the app to help them lose weight, train for a sporting event, or work toward other goals while also helping a great cause. The donations do not need to be large, so the stakes are never that high.

  1. DonorReminder

Not all philanthropy is based on monetary donations. Someone in the United States needs a blood donation about every two seconds, and no amount of money will help these individuals. Taking the time to donate blood on a regular basis can help save lives. DonorReminder was created to help people stay on top of their commitment to donate blood. The app keeps track of the user’s blood donations and sends friendly reminders when it is again time to donate.

  1. VolunteerMatch

volunteermatchappPhilanthropy also involves donations of time. People may have trouble locating volunteer opportunities that suit their interests, but VolunteerMatch is here to help. This app (and website) allows individuals to search opportunities by location and explore what is involved with each. Users can also share opportunities with their networks to generate more excitement and secure a group commitment.

  1. I Can Go Without

The I Can Go Without app is similar to Instead, but with a few differences. Like Instead, the app encourages users to think about their daily purchases and where that money could be spent instead. Then, the app asks users to pledge reductions in their daily consumption. These pledges can be converted into direct donations using the app’s secure donation center. The app’s charity partners, including Sightsavers and Thirst Relief International, have benefited immensely from users’ donations.


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