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GoFundMe Aims to Empower Nonprofits with New Fundraising Tool

Crowdfunding has largely changed the face of philanthropy in the United States. Once seen as a practice in which only the wealthiest individuals engaged in, philanthropy has become much more widespread as people gain the ability to pool smaller donations and facilitate the changes that they want to see. Numerous avenues exist for crowdfunding. This includes GoFundMe, which has emerged as the largest social fundraising platform in the world. Recently, GoFundMe announced the creation of a new product designed specifically for charities and nonprofit organizations that makes it easier than ever to accept contributions at any place and time.

Real-time analytics are free to charities with GoFundMe Charity.


The new GoFundMe Charity tool makes it possible for charities of any size to use enterprise-level fundraising software for free. This platform introduces several new crowdfunding features tailored to the needs of nonprofit groups. It could help draw more funding for charities by making it easy for supporters to provide gifts of any amount. Additionally, it will help charitable institutions reach new audiences, more effectively manage donations, and ultimately drive their mission even further. GoFundMe plans to make the tool available for millions of nonprofits in the United States at no charge and without a subscription.

One of the primary benefits of GoFundMe Charity is access to advanced data reporting capabilities. Its Report Center feature makes it possible for nonprofits to measure and track the success of their fundraising campaigns. Using the real-time feedback from this system, organizations can make changes to their approaches or complete the analyses needed for future projects to be even more effective. The product includes a range of tools for data visualization, as well as the ability to build custom queries so that charitable institutions can manage the information that is most important to them. In addition, nonprofits can choose to schedule reports so that they can monitor performance over time. GoFundMe Charity also makes it possible for charities to view reports on personal fundraisers receiving contributions on their behalf on the GoFundMe platform. These reports can incorporate current and historic details and statistics.

GoFundMe Charity offers many benefits to nonprofit organizations.

GoFundMe Charity also integrates with many of the top customer relationship management (CRM) software options, including Constant Contact, Mailchimp, and Salesforce. It automatically and directly uploads data into these programs for seamless functionality in order to help charities retain their donors and grow their patron base over time.

Another built-in tool facilitates event registration and ticketing. For instance, charities can use GoFundMe Charity to create a simple RSVP for a small fundraiser or a much larger event, such as a gala. The platform provides a central place for managing and keeping track of all related numbers and figures across a variety of devices.


Moreover, GoFundMe Charity enables nonprofits to customize campaign pages to reflect their own unique brands. In other words, charities are not stuck in the GoFundMe framework. Instead, these organizations can upload their own logos and buttons and change many other features on donation and fundraising pages, as well as ticketing and registration components.

Two plans are available to charities that use GoFundMe Charity: the “No Platform Fee” Model and Flexible Pricing Plans. The first is a zero-percent platform fee that asks donors to leave a voluntary tip to support GoFundMe’s services. In other words, patrons can add extra money to cover the cost of it. The second option applies a transaction fee by putting a small percentage of each donation toward payment-processing fees.

GoFundMe is simultaneously releasing a Donate Button for nonprofits.

GoFundMe is simultaneously releasing the Donate Button, which allows charities to fundraise from virtually any website. It can be embedded into any third-party website as a means of immediately collecting contributions. The button is fully customizable to display a suggested donation amount, branded imaging, and theme colors. Plus, the button has plug-ins for WordPress and other content-management pages.

Furthermore, nonprofits can use the Donate Button without creating an account or campaign through GoFundMe Charity and will still receive access to automated receipts, dedicated customer support, and other features of GoFundMe’s payment platform.

GoFundMe expects these tools to empower nonprofits of all sizes.

The announcement of these digital products should generate excitement among nonprofit directors, ranging from those who oversee large operations to business owners who are just getting their organizations off the ground. One of the biggest challenges that organizations face is how to collect and track donations in an efficient and cost-effective way. GoFundMe has taken much of the guesswork out of this process to make it simple to ask for contributions, direct people to a trustworthy system for gift giving, and track amounts donated and by whom. While nonprofits often cannot collect this level of analytics without the proper software or budget until they mature, these new tools create solutions for driving fundraising decisions and optimizing campaigns.

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