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A Look at the Man in the Mirror No Man Left Behind Program

A Look at the Man in the Mirror No Man Left Behind Program

maninthemirror logoEugene Chrinian and his family support a wide range of philanthropic organizations, from the Wounded Warrior Project, which helps individuals injured during service and their families, to Man in the Mirror (MIM), which aims to get men more involved in their churches. MIM sees many of the current problems facing the United States, such as an overwhelmed criminal justice system and skyrocketing divorce rates, as an issue that stems from men leading defeated, unfulfilling lives. What began as a simple Bible study to make men more devoted disciples of Christ has now developed into a large ministry that has worked with thousands of churches and millions of men.

An Overview of the MIM Strategy

With field staff across the country, MIM teams with churches to develop programs that engage the men in their congregations. MIM offers all of its services free of charge with the support of generous donors like Eugene Chrinian. The MIM approach has three distinct, yet interlocking, strategies. First, Journey to Biblical Manhood involves church events, small-group study sessions, and more to help men develop a more Christian lifestyle. The 12 Challenges of this strategy provide specific goals for men to work toward while they are in the program. Second, field staff members collaborate with pastors and leaders to ensure that they are adequately addressing the needs of their male parishioners. The field staff also coordinates local Coalitions for Men’s Discipleship.

The third part of the MIM strategy is a program called No Man Left Behind, which trains men to become leaders in their churches. Through No Man Left Behind, individuals learn how assess the spiritual state of other men and help them realize a greater sense of fulfillment.

The Elements of the No Man Left Behind Strategy

The MIM No Man Left Behind program has helped more men become actively involved with their local congregations and identify themselves as true disciples of Christ. The program’s strategy is more than just theory. Churches that choose to embrace No Man Left Behind gain access to easily implemented plans that can be fully customized according to the specific needs of each house of worship. As opposed to one-size-fits-all programs that rarely work in the increasingly diverse communities across the country, MIM helps people identify the particular needs of the men in their church and choose the approaches that will work most effectively.

Leadership development remains the primary focus of No Man Left Behind. The program is designed to improve the skills of existing leaders in the church community while also developing new leaders. In addition, MIM teaches individuals how to recruit new leaders and create a network of allies in the community. Through exercises and discussion, team members develop a shared vision for leadership and create a strategy that will help them make it a reality. Then, MIM provides the necessary tools.

Because No Man Left Behind focuses on long-term change, it also builds sustainability into the program. While weekend retreats can help people make important realizations about themselves, these realizations do not typically create the momentum necessary to keep the movement afloat. In contrast, No Man Left Behind teaches individuals how to develop true discipleship grounded in lasting life changes and a drive to share the Good News with the people around them.

Research has shown that No Man Left Behind can increase male church attendance by 48 percent and active male discipleship by 84 percent in just 30 months.

Two Different Ways to Engage No Man Left Behind

Knowing that each church community has different needs and expectations, and that these do not need to change to increase male participation, MIM has developed two different ways to complete the No Man Left Behind program. The first is through video-based content available online or through DVDs. The video-based program is divided into two courses: “Foundations” and “Methods & Tactics.” This option is great for church communities that plan on recruiting more men because they can use it used to train as many leaders as they wish, whenever they wish.

Individuals participating in the video course have the freedom to complete the materials at their own pace, and facilitator guides help individuals embrace the material in a meaningful ways. These guides come with various planning tools and discussion questions to inspire great conversations. The video materials also come with a consultation option for real-life interaction with MIM staff members.

The second way to complete the No Man Left Behind program is through a live training session held regionally and led by a MIM staff member. Called “No Man Left Behind 3D: Develop, Disciple, and Deploy,” this two-day training involves multiple sessions with trainers and on-site consultations with local field staff. This option is great for church communities that want a dedicated time to get away and focus on the issue of men’s engagement in church. Live-session participants also gain access to various tools and resources that they can bring back to the church, as well as post-training support.

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