Eugene Chrinian


Eugene Chrinian and his wife Donna have always believed in the responsibility of helping people and supporting the organizations who have a positive influence in the world. This bond has been a strengthening force in their relationship and a motivating factor in the work they each do.Relationship Strength through Service

In the early years of Eugene Chrinian and Donna’s marriage, while they were managing a business they had just started, volunteering, for school activities and town activities was a priority for them. As the business grew, Eugene Chrinian and his wife wanted to ensure that they could continue their involvement supporting a local church. To help the church stay a strong, healthy presence in their community, Eugene Chrinian and his wife Donna sought to provide financial support to support its cause. To help provide financial aid to the church as well as other humanitarian organizations, Donna and Eugene Chrinian started the Chrinian Foundation. The mission of the Chrinian Foundation is to help organizations that support family values.

The Chrinian Foundation: Values and Organizations

Local and International Projects

With the Chrinian Foundation, Eugene and Donna support local causes, as well as well-known global organizations. The various charities and organizations that Eugene Chrinian and his wife support include, but are certainly not limited to: Wounded Warriors Project, American Red Cross, Family Life, Jericho Road Men’s Home, as well as World Vision, in their mission to help combat HIV.

Family Values

Eugene and Donna Chrinian believe the family unit is critical, not just for the health of children, but to the long term health of our nation. Eugene and Donna believe that children need to have engaged parents to raise them to be responsible healthy adults. Another organization close to their heart is Family Life, which provides encouragement and practical help for marriage. Another family values organization Eugene and Donna Chrinian support is Man In The Mirror.

Christian Values

Another focus for the foundation is Christian Education. The foundation proudly supports Eastern Christian Schools Association in North Haledon, NJ, and the work that they do within the community.

Jericho Men’s Home

Locally, the Chrinian family has been involved with the Jericho Road Men’s Home located in Paterson, NJ. In a recent project, Eugene Chrinian and his wife helped with the renovation and furnishing of a multi-unit home, and are proud that it now provides housing for 15 men. The Jericho Road Men’s Home has helped over 60 men receive housing, job training and placement.

As owner and operator of seven Ashley Furniture HomeStores, Eugene Chrinian is able to support additional charitable efforts by providing furniture and mattresses such as the provision of hundreds of TempurPedic mattress sets through the American Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy residents.