Spotlight – How FamilyLife Helps People Reach Out to Others

Spotlight – How FamilyLife Helps People Reach Out to Others


familylifelogoFounded in 1976, FamilyLife provides Bible-based help for marriages and family relationships. Over the years, the organization has created a wide range of programs to support people at different stages of their life and offer biblical guidance on some of the most difficult situations we face with our loved ones. Some of the key programs are Weekend to Remember, which offers a getaway for married couples; FamilyLife Today, which explores key topics through a regular radio broadcast; and The Art of Marriage, a video event that helps couples and families bring God into their relationships.

In addition to these programs, FamilyLife provides many ways to help the people around us. The following are a few of these great opportunities:


  1. Creating a small study group

FamilyLife can help people set up small study groups designed to meet the needs of a wide range of different populations, such as parents, couples, women, and men. The organization already has several different study groups, such as Men Stepping Up and Marriage Oneness, that people can create for their friends. The former group looks at the meaning of biblical manhood and helps men figure out how to live courageously and according to God’s vision while the latter recognizes that oneness is something that couples work toward by developing intimacy and connection. Other small groups help individuals prepare for marriage, parent with grace, and strengthen intimate relationships.


  1. Establishing a unique marriage ministry

Because not every community falls into an existing mold, FamilyLife has established a Marriage Ministry Workshop that leverages four decades of experience to teach people how to create unique marriage ministries in their own parishes. After participating in this program, individuals will have all the information they need to launch a robust marriage ministry program specifically designed for their communities. During the workshop, participants focus on recruiting and training, church demographics, and theology, among other topics, to get a full picture of what it takes to found and maintain such a ministry.


  1. Becoming a mentor to other people

Many individuals who go through FamilyLife programs ask how they can become mentors to other couples and families who are facing difficult situations. Mentorship can be life-changing. To prepare individuals to assume this important role, FamilyLife has created a robust online Mentor Guide that individuals can use to research biblical solutions to complicated family and relationship situations. The organization’s eMentoring program has various platforms for training both individuals and church communities in mentorship. While the individual programs focus on one-on-one interactions, the church tools help parishes strengthen their own mentoring programs.


  1. Connecting with other ministries around the world

Because relationship building is so important, FamilyLife has created ministries to support this effort in countries around the globe. Individuals interested in working with these international organizations are encouraged to explore the FamilyLife Global Partners website and learn about their work and how they could contribute. The website lists all of the partner organizations with contact information, but individuals are welcome to contact FamilyLife Global Partners to inquire about countries in which no partners currently exist. Opportunities exist to work in other countries or help FamilyLife reach more individuals by identifying new partner organizations.



  1. Hosting The Art of Marriage video event

The Art of Marriage is a seminar on Christian marriage that is divided into six lessons. Each of these lessons features talks by marriage experts, projects for couples to complete, and even some funny vignettes of typical married life that individuals in attendance can likely relate to in their own families. The videos include onscreen cues to make hosting the series as easy as possible. The set of videos comes with a quick-start card and a complete guide for planning and promoting the event. The hosting kit also comes with a set of manuals that help the hosts apply the teachings from the seminar in their everyday lives. Other couples in attendance will receive their own manuals. Individuals can learn more about the seminar and purchase hosting kits at


  1. Organizing a group retreat for other couples

Weekend to Remember has helped countless troubled marriages, and many individuals want to pay this experience forward. One way people can do this (and even earn free registrations that they can gift out to others) is to become a Group Plan coordinator and invite others to attend at a discounted rate when they register under the group name. This program is critical because 30 to 60 percent of couples at the average church are facing marital issues. In fact, most people know at least three couples who are in trouble at any given time. More than 95 percent of couples who have completed the retreat would recommend the getaway to other couples.


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