Toddler Donates Hair So Another Little Girl Can Have Hair Too

Ariana Smith

Earlier this month, the Huffington Post published a heartwarming article about a selfless little girl who donated her hair so another little girl could have hair too. The story of three-year-old Ariana Smith and her generosity has since gone viral; the pictures alone have received over 500,000 views on Imgur.

The story begins in Winterport Maine, where Ariana Smith watched a video from Extra Life, a charity that raises money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospital through video gaming, that showed a girl who didn’t have any hair. Ariana was curious and asked her parents to explain why this little girl didn’t have any hair.

“She asked why the little girl had no hair.” Josh Smith, Ariana’s father told the Huffington Post, “We explained that she was sick and that the medicine they were using made her hair fall out.”

The conversation had a very strong impact on Arianna. Without even giving it a second thought, her immediate response was “Oh, well she can some of my hair,” Smith told ABC News. 

And she meant it! On November 21st, the three-year-old received her very first haircut and donated her hair to Locks of Love so a little girl [could] feel pretty.

While the world is left gushing over the generosity and kindness of Ariana, her father says that he wasn’t at all surprised when his daughter declared that she wanted to donate her hair. “I think she’s just a caring person,” he said about his daughter. She loves to help others and share, which is why the only logical reaction to seeing that video on Extra Life was to do something about it and donate her hair, because she could.

To read the full article published on the Huffington Post, click here. Additionally, if you’d like to learn more about the organization Ariana donated her hair to, Locks of Love, please feel free to visit their website.


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