World Vision

World Vision


One of the charitable organizations Eugene Chrinian supports is World Vision. World Vision is a Christian organization which works in a larger sense with communities, families, children who become the future of the community. World Vision declares itself a development, relief, and advocacy organization dedicated to helping families, communities, and children find their way out of poverty and go beyond.

World Vision seeks to work with the world’s most vulnerable people to bring them up to livable conditions which they can work to sustain and greatly improve their quality of live for generations after.

Children Come First

One of the main factors for World Vision is that Children come first. World Vision has stated in their mission that, “no child should live in poverty.”

Child Sponsorship

World Vision organizes various projects, the most popular of which is the children sponsorship. World Vision allows people to sponsor children where they can make a true difference in the child’s life, within the family, and better understand what it is like to live in that area for the children and family.

Eugene Chrinian World Vision Project

Recently, Eugene Chrinian and his wife Donna traveled to Swaziland in South Africa with World Vision. Eugene visited the organization’s Area Development Programs where he volunteered. Eugene saw development programs of all kinds. Some provide community housing, run medical clinics, and provide water and resources to the local communities.

Eugene Chrinian made an effort to travel to Swaziland as the population of Swaziland, South Africa has one of the highest numbers of people affected by HIV and one of the highest unemployment rates worldwide. In such a dire circumstance, there is an abundance of work to be done, and as Eugene Chrinian has found through experience, the World Vision project is a great way to make a difference.


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