Youth Consultation Services

Youth Consultation Services


Providing Care to Children in Need

Youth Consultation Services, or YCS, is an organization who provides care for children who are displaced from their homes, or suffering from less than adequate care at their homes, all these for any variety of reasons. YCS’ operations take place in New Jersey.

Day to Day

In just one day, Youth Consultation Services cares for roughly 1,500 children. Whether by reaching out to the children by organizing events or established centers in their community,  offering services to the child’s own home, or whether they are taking care of a child in one of their residential establishments, YCS reaches all over to do good.

Children and Families

The children involved come from a variety of backgrounds. Some were separated from their family or loved ones, some have been affected by some other kind of trauma. Some children, because of development or intellectual disabilities, are unable to live at their home. No matter what each child’s behavioral health, mental health, or special education needs are, Youth Consultation Services has a wide variety of people who are eager to help each child progress and discover the love that each individual of this earth should be able to feel.

Strengths and Services

Through years of operation, the YCS members have years of experience which make them familiar to personality types, and ailments, and are able to zero in begin helping each child on each child’s individual needs. YCS offers services not just to the individual child, but if possible the family as well. YCS hopes to be able to help the family better understand the relationship with their child, and to build strength and love in their interaction and development together. Each service is individualized to each child, and each child and family pair.

With your help, Youth Consultation Services would like to “cultivate strength and resilience for a brighter future”.

YCS History

In 1918, YCS was originally founded as an organization to help women and children whose husband or father had been taken away or debilitated in World War I, and to help them develop and get on their feet in the wake of the war.

The program and the provided services of YCS evolved into statewide educational, psychiatric, therapeutic, and psycho-therapeutic services, as well as larger things like providing housing, food, and foster care for children and or families.

Eugene Chrinian’s Role

The most recent partnership Donna and Eugene Chrinian have established is with Youth Consultation Services (YCS) located in Hackensack, NJ.  YCS has over 75 programs that help youth that have been displaced from their homes due to disabilities, have been abandoned by their family or have been removed from their homes due to neglect or abuse.  Eugene Chrinian, on behalf of Ashley Furniture, will help furnishing homes for children in need.


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